Laundry Room Makeover

It’s finally here! The laundry room has taken a while to get done but it’s finally complete and I’m so excited to share it with you. I am learning that doing projects with three kids is a much longer process. You do three minutes here and ten minutes there. The kids are in bed so you think you have more time and then the baby needs to nurse. Anyway, I have learned that this is just a part of life right now and I need to enjoy every minute of it.


You know what else is part of life? LAUNDRY! That never-ending, mounding chore that I loathe. This room was functional before but definitely not exciting to visit multiple times a day. Now I have a space that is a reflection of me and makes me smile every day. In case you missed all of the before pictures and plan, here are some pictures to remind you of that dark, boring room.


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Nothing exciting, right? It functioned but not as well as I would have liked. There were a few problems I wanted to address:

  1. The room needs some personality
  2. A solution to prevent socks from falling behind the washer and dryer
  3. A different way to store wrapping paper
  4. A place to hang and air-dry clothes

Are you ready? Here comes probably way too many pictures of such a small room but it just makes me so happy.

door shot

door shot 2

This room gets zero natural light. (Which is extremely frustrating for taking pictures of it.) The first thing I did was paint the walls a bright white. (Untinted white from Sherwin Williams) This helped brighten up the space. I knew I wanted to do a fun color on the ceiling and since green is my favorite color, I figured why not? This is such a fun green. It’s a darker shade but not so dark that the room feels closed in. Plus, I love that the fun color can be seen through the new glass light fixture.

ceiling iglight fixture | brass melon handles

Next, I used this amazing Bejeweled stencil from Royal Design Studio, which gives the look of wallpaper. Their stencils are so nice. They are fairly large and come in different sizes depending on the project you are doing. They clean easily and paint doesn’t smudge much with them. I am very impressed and will purchase from them again. I painted the white in a semi-gloss and got a matte black to give some dimension and interest to the pattern. This was a lot of work and by no means is it perfect, but I am in love. This pattern is such a simple one but I love the graphic impact it brings to the small space. I did the stencil in a striped pattern to help lengthen the room.

left side igart | gold frame | stencil

Alright, so the room had personality now! First challenge accepted and conquered! Next up was to prevent socks and the kids’ clothes from ALWAYS finding their way to the doom behind and/or between the washer and dryer. I vividly remember trying to fish out little socks while pregnant. NEVER AGAIN! I was determined to find a solution that would cover up the gaps while also being functional. I also wanted to make it so we were still able to access the valves and dryer vent as needed. So a DIY shelf to the rescue. We went to the hardware store and purchased some 8 inch whitewood board. Have you guys seen this whitewood board at Lowe’s? It is a pretty substantial wood for very inexpensive. This was perfect for this project. I did not want to spend a ton of money on this laundry room. Now for smaller projects, this whitewood board is great but I definitely wouldn’t recommend making a table out of it.

close up

We measured very carefully and then cut, sanded, and stained with a walnut finish. Then we attached the shelves to the wall with these brackets. You can see in the above picture that we created a “waterfall” edge so we could continue the shelf next to the washer as well. This not only prevents all those little articles of clothing from falling down, but gives the room a more built-in feel. Using a Kreg jig pocket hole system, we connected the pieces to get our 90 degree angles. It is so nice to have this ledge as a barricade but also to put functional and pretty things on.

1 vignette
linen spray | so fresh and so clean clean art | brass melon handles

vignettelinen spray | so fresh and so clean clean art

vignette 2 ig

And yes, that DIY art is an ode to my 90’s upbringing. Sorry not sorry, Ms. Jackson. (Oh Outkast, where have you been?) I added some thrifted finds to these little vignettes. Right now, the wire basket holds our dryer sheets and the small green dish is for loose change, rocks, legos, and whatever other treasures we find in our family’s pockets. And I’m sure you noticed that I put in a backsplash. I used a peel and stick subway tile. This concept has always intrigued me and I thought this small space was a great place to give it a try. More on this process to come. It’s good for this space but I’m not sure I would recommend it to others.

Ok, so we’ve got our personality and a blockade for socks. Now we need some wrapping paper storage. In the before pictures, you can see that our wrapping paper was just in a short basket in the corner, taking up space and not very pretty to look at. Well, wouldn’t you know that after we created our wood shelf, we also created a perfect little nook next to the washer for a DIY wrapping paper cart.

wrapping cartbrass knob(similar) | kraft paper | navy arrow paper | stencil

Oh yes! This is amazing. A rolling cart that conceals the wrapping paper but is still easy to access. Plus it adds to the built-in feel of the room now. I painted it white so it would blend in with the washer and the walls and added a cute brass knob.

left wrapping 2

left wrappingbrass knob(similar) | kraft paper | navy arrow paper | stencil |trash can | art

Last but not least, a place to hang and air-dry clothes. At first, I was going to make a pull down drying rack, but I realized that this is a small space and I really didn’t want something else that would invade your personal space. The other thing I realized is that having hangers available was not an option either. I needed something very simple yet effective. And it really was simple. I found this cute hanging rack and it works perfectly. The wood tone is pretty and the knobs played into the brass and glass vibe going throughout the rest of the room. And voila! Drying rack.

right side igbasket | wall hooks

right side 2 ig

drying rack

We accomplished everything we wanted to and more! I am so happy with the way this turned out and cannot even begin to tell you how much happier I am when I’m doing laundry! Here are a few more pictures, just for fun!

right side 3 igbasket | stencil


I also found my new favorite home decor store … H&M! The rug and basket are from there and they are fantastic! Great quality and a really good price. We added the final touches with the rug and some art and handles on the cabinets and made a cozy little room that feels much less daunting when entering. I’m off to work on the next project, the nursery! Let me know below what your favorite part is and if you liked it. I always enjoy hearing your feedback.

Have an amazing weekend!

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Thrifted 4th of July Outfits

If you watch my Instagram Stories, then you saw that the other day I went thrifting for some inexpensive 4th of July outfits. I have always enjoyed having festive outfits for the Fourth.  I like to not take it so literally though.  You’ll see in these three ideas, that I took the concept of red, white, and blue and tweaked them to make it more personal.  These are also pieces that can be used throughout the year and are not specific to the Fourth of July.


So I went to Savers and was able to find three different styled outfits all for under 25 dollars!  I may have found some home pieces too … I can’t hold myself back when I’m there.  I did use some pieces from home to style these outfits but the overall look is thrifted.

For the first look, I went with a comfy look that would be great for a picnic or for watching fireworks.  I found these incredibly comfortable pants with a fun burgundy print.  I paired it with a sleeveless blue and white striped top that I tied in the front.  Throw on some comfy red slides and you’re ready for the backyard or the park!


Since Fourth of July is on a Wednesday, there will be a lot of people headed out to work.  I found this amazing vintage plaid blazer that will brighten your day.  Pair it with a pleated skirt, some heels, and a simple white tank.  When I find an older piece like this, I like to keep the jewelry modern so I went with this minimal triangle necklace that my husband gave me and a thrifted gold cuff that reminds me of Wonder Woman.


This last outfit is very boho and would be fun to wear for a family barbecue or get together.  I found these linen, pastel blue and white pants that feel like pajamas but allow you to still look chic.  I paired it with a cream ruffle tank, some thrifted earrings and this burgundy polka dot scarf.  You could also tie the scarf around your neck like a choker for a completely different look.  Add some wedges or espadrilles and you have a boho chic Fourth of July outfit.


Those are my three non-literal thrifted outfit ideas.  You can be festive without wearing the American flag.  Take a color scheme and make it your own.  And in case you don’t like thrifting and would like some similar pieces, I did some research for you.

ruffle tank | red slingbacks | striped front-tie shirt | blue embroidered pants | scarf | red blazer | linen pants | pleated skirt

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next thrifting adventure.  There are endless possibilities of affordable, cute, and unique clothes.  If you don’t thrift, I encourage you to try it.  It’s a good way to recycle, it’s good for the bank account, and it lets you be creative.  I’m off to do more projects for the nursery.  Have a safe and adventurous weekend!

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Monday Mind Melt

Hey everybody! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! It was beautiful here, almost 90 degrees and the kids got some fun sprinkler time in! In case you missed my previous Monday Mind Melt (MMM), this is where I dump my recent brain ramblings that don’t constitute an entire post.

  • Have you guys seen New Girl? I know we’re late in the game on this once but we have recently started watching it on Netflix and we are obsessed! I have always loved Zooey Deschanel, but her character, Jess, is so good. There are so many things about her that I find relatable to my own life. She does these awkward, crazy things that I either have done or could see myself doing.

After two years of fighting, Fox, WME, Peter Chernin and showrunner Elizabeth Meriwether fend off copyright claims.via

Plus, her fashion is always so cute! Vintage dresses with quirky prints and the fringe on her hair! Too much. If you haven’t already, and you love a good comedy, check this one out. Not too many shows give me full-on belly laughs, but this one, this is good. If you have any other good Netflix recommendations, let me know.

NEW GIRL: Zooey Deschanel returns as Jess in season seven of NEW GIRL.                                                                         via

  • I have had some serious success with my flowers so far this year. I feel like I have finally figured out when to water and how much to water each one. Just keep in mind, this is our fifth summer in this house and I’m just now figuring this one out … yikes! Painful to admit, but I’m loving it and I’m hoping this chartreuse thumb turns full on forest green soon. I’m also going to take a stab at my first salsa garden this year. Flowers are one thing, but things that are edible sound so much more intimidating.  Here’s to hoping for the best!


  • Does anyone else lose their appetite during the summer? And maybe loss of appetite isn’t the right way to put it. But I definitely crave lighter dishes where I don’t have to be in the kitchen over the stove as much. Do any of you have any fun summer recipes you could share? One of our family’s favorite things right now are rice bowls – whether it’s a burrito bowl or a teriyaki chicken bowl or (pick your poison here) chicken bowl. I throw the chicken in the slow cooker and add the appropriate spices depending on which bowl we’re doing. Our kids love them and we love them and they are easy to take on our patio for dinner.  Let me know if you’d like me to share one of these recipes in a future post!
  • Speaking of our patio, it is our favorite place this time of year. We haven’t fully “finished” it yet, but every part of our house is always a work in progress. I would love to add a rug under the table. The other side of our patio houses the barbecue and some lounge chairs. I will be working on that side soon to add a little pizzazz and make it less blah. But it is so serene back here and our covered patio was so worth it!

DSC_0196lantern(similar) | rug(similar)

DSC_0190chairs | planters | table

Those are some of the very very many waves traveling through my brain currently. I hope you have an amazing Monday. Stay true to yourself and share some love today.

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Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Favorites – Featured Designers

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all are having a wonderful week and have some fun plans this weekend, even if that just means having a relaxing day at home.  I have some projects planned around here and am hoping the crazy Idaho weather cooperates.  In case you are unfamiliar, Idaho is notorious for having unpredictable weather.  It goes from sunny and hot to windy and raining to possibly snowing or sleeting all in one day.  But you know what?  We love it!

Have you heard of the One Room Challenge?  I know I mentioned it in Monday Mind Melt.  If not, it is a challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home where bloggers choose a room to makeover in only six weeks!  There are twenty featured designers as well as hundreds of guest participants.  They post each week on their progress.  I know the reveals get a lot of attention, but I really enjoy their thought processes throughout the entire time frame; the wins, the misses, the problems.  It makes it seem so much more genuine when you can see behind the scenes.  But today, I am focusing on all of the reveals.  Grab some coffee or a snack and get ready for some serious eye candy!  There is so much amazing inspiration here.  I have just rounded up some of my favorites but you can follow the link above to view every space.


I will start with my favorites from the featured designers.  This first one is from Ashley over at The Gold Hive.  This girl never ceases to amaze me.  Last ORC she did their office and did a hand-painted mural!  This time around, she did both her master bedroom and a space in her backyard.  That gray board and batten, the windows with the brass hardware, the brass outlets, warm wood tones.  This space just feels so inviting to me.  Who wouldn’t want to jump in that bed?


Part of this makeover was adding a door out to her backyard.  So, as if one room wasn’t enough, she decided to do a backyard space as well!  And this wasn’t just a styling venture out there.  She had to add on to her deck due to her new door.


Next up is this beautiful dining space by Catherine and Bryan at Beginning In The Middle.  They also did their living space.  This dining room is so good though!  The wallpaper under the chair rail, the bubble light pendant, modern art, vintage rug.  They have their juxtaposition and it is on point!


This pretty office by Melissa at Bisou Style is really putting me in the gear to redo our creative space.  We need it!  But back to this beauty!  What a lovely, fresh space to get work done and feel inspired.  That warm wood desk against all of the stark white is such a good moment. I would not only want to work here but use it as a getaway spot.  Bravo Melissa!


This bedroom by Shannon Claire Interiors is giving my color-loving soul all the feels.  What a fun space to retire to at night and wake up feeling inspired.  Her use of color is fearless yet so refined and done right.  Plus, that neon light above the bed – perfection.


Another fun bedroom with, what may be, the greatest wallpaper on Earth!  This one is by Michelle Gage and is confirming my thoughts of painting the wall behind our bed a moody blue.  I love how she embraced the curvature of the ceiling by making it a focal point.


Natasha Habermann’s entry into her new living room is so welcoming.  The molding on the walls with offset art, the black handrail, the plush couches.  This moment makes me feel like I’m being transported to a quaint little English town.


My last favorite of the featured designers is this bedroom by Kelly Rogers at Interiors for Families.  Another serene moment and much more feminine than my typical style.  Placing the bed in front of the window is one of my favorite design tricks right now and it works perfectly for this particular room.  Also, having a small hallway leading to your room that serves as an art gallery?  I’m all about that!


Whew!  So many good spaces.  I was hoping to tackle this challenge in the Fall and after seeing these pictures, I feel like the time crunch and stress might be worth it!  Come back tomorrow for a roundup of my favorites from the guest participants.  Which one is your favorite?  Do you feel this challenge is obtainable for meek little old me?  And don’t forget to check out the others at One Room Challenge.

Happy Friday!

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Muted Bohemian Nursery – The Before & Design Plan

Ok guys!  I know I have yet to show you the laundry room reveal and I’m already planning out another room.  Well, to throw out some excuses, the weather has been crazy and the hubster has been super busy.  Not saying I couldn’t do this myself but we like to work on projects together and the wind and rain has not really made for a good space to take out the saw.  All we really have left are some shelves and then the styling.  So, if the weather permits, I am determined to get that room done this week!  One of my goals this year was to not start a new project until others were finished.

I may be breaking the rule this time around, but I needed to share my plan for the nursery with you all.  Plus, baby girl is about to be two months and is still sleeping in our room.  Needless to say, I am READY for her to sleep in her own room.  My mom insomnia is so much worse when I can hear every little stir and grunt.  (And let me tell you, she is a very noisy sleeper!)  Also, when I show you the before pics of this room, you will likely realize why I want to get cracking on it.  Both of our other kids used it as a nursery and I put some work into it, but it never really felt finished to me.  Since Aria was born, our older two moved into a room together.  In the meantime, the nursery has become a drop zone for every odd and end.  Plus it has a lot of the items I want in there, but haven’t put to use yet since we want to paint.  I am embarrassed to show you these pictures but I am all about transparency here.  Get ready ….


Ok ok, you’re probably thinking it’s not that bad.  And you’re right, it’s not.  But it’s not special to me.  We painted it this color before our oldest was born.  And while I love it, I’m ready for a change.  I also know that once Aria is old enough, the two girls will share a room and our son will likely be back in this room.  The color I am looking to paint is more of a dusty blue which could work for both scenarios.  Plus, we don’t get the greatest natural light in our house and I will do anything to help the spaces feel nice and light.


See what I mean about dumping ground?  It’s just a lot of craziness that I need to find places for.  I love this hand-me-down dresser and am planning to give it a face lift with some gray paint and more modern handles.  We have carpet throughout our house, which Adam and I would love to change for laminate wood someday, but it is just not in our budget right now.  With that being said, I am not afraid to layer a rug on top of this carpet to give the room some more personality.

To create the calming space for both the baby and for mommy and daddy, I have been dreaming up a muted bohemian space.  I would like the room to incorporate pieces that can be used for years to come; items that could either grow with the girls or could be used throughout the house.  Here is a mood board of what I’m thinking.

muted bohemian nursery

gold pendant | chair (similar) | side table (similar) | rug | wall hanging | faux plant | dresser | crib | tassel table runner | basket

Some of the pieces here will not actually be in the room but give you the idea of what I’m thinking.  I have some fun DIY projects planned and will take you along with me.  The blue with the text is the paint color I’m thinking of; it is Sherwin Williams Rain.

I would love to hear your feedback.  What do you think about the direction I’m going?  Also, I would be interested to hear if you finish a project start to finish or do you move around as inspiration strikes?

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Thursday! With Mother’s Day a little over a week away, I thought I would share some fun finds for your mom to brighten her day.  Moms are so special and do so much for us.  I know my mom put up with way more than she signed up for.  Getting a little something to say thank you is minute in comparison to all the tears, scrapes, punishments, encouragements, meals, arguments, events, etc. she had to go through.  (See Motherhood is Messy.)  So let’s celebrate all the moms out there and treat them with something special.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

  1. Indigo Planter – Anthropologie $12-36 – I love Anthro’s plant pots.  They are an inexpensive way to get that bohemian, collected look without investing on a large-scale piece.  Put a cute rubber plant or snake plant in this pot and your mom will have a plant baby that is so easy to maintain and doesn’t talk back.
  2. Magnolia Table Cookbook – Target $17.99 – Joanna Gaines is a jill-of-all-trades: interior design, effortless style, making a house feel like a home, and cooking comfort foods.  Give your mom-of-all-trades this pretty book and maybe she’ll make you something out of it.
  3. Aqua Wine Glass –  H&M $5.99 – Whether she’s an entertainer or just enjoys a glass for herself, these unique stemware pieces will make her feel extra stylish.
  4. Modern Gold Barrette – APSEadorn – Etsy $36 – A unique accessory for a unique gal plus you get to choose a charity to support with your purchase. A win win!
  5. Capri Blue Candle – Anthropologie $30 – The Volcano scent of these candles is my favorite! I love that they put them in pretty jars that can easily be cleaned out and enjoyed for years to come.  Let me know below if you’d like a tutorial post on how to clean out your old candle jars.
  6. Margarita Mood Muscle Tank – Old Navy $16.99 – I know this mama is always in a margarita and taco kind of mood.  Love this tank for those cozy days in.
  7. Cobalt Drop Earrings – Bellwetherblonde – Etsy $26 – Funky earrings are a great way to add personality to an otherwise basic outfit.  Your mom will love the instant style these will bring to her t-shirt and jeans.
  8. Bread Box – Amazon $42.40 – If a mom has to be in the kitchen a lot, at least she can enjoy the scenery.  This bread box has a classic style that will go with pretty much every aesthetic.
  9. Brass Watering Can – CB2 $44.95 – One way to make chores better?  Using pretty things to do them.  This watering can will make taking care of those plants so much more enjoyable.
  10. Diamond Throw Pillow – Target $19.99 – Throw pillows are one of those things I think we all enjoy and would like to get, but rarely actually buy for ourselves.  What a great thing to get for your mom.  If all her kids are out of the house, she might just get to lay her head down on it.

If you shop online, don’t forget to go through Ebates first!  You get cash back on almost every purchase and if you use the link, you will receive $10 cash back if you spend $25!  Just go to the site, register, search for the store, and it will take you directly to the site to begin shopping!

Whether you’re a daughter, son, husband, or a mom wanting to treat yourself, I hope these gift ideas help.  What do you want to express to your mom this Mother’s Day?

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*This post contains affiliate links but is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Diaper Bag Review and Roundup

diaper bag shot editedtote diaper bag | similar

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this photo a while back of my chic new diaper bag.  Finally, three kids in, I treated myself to a cute one.  I have carried a diaper bag around for almost 5 years now and have been yearning for something with a little more style.  My old one was nothing bad, just the typical diaper bag with a lot of pockets and looks like something for your baby, not for you.  Well, that was going to change this time around. I searched and searched for the appropriate bag for me.  Thankfully, chic diaper bags are becoming more of a thing.  I wanted something that would be functional yet stylish.  I finally landed on this and am so happy with this purchase. It is the Diophy PU Leather Tote Diaper Bag and I got it on Overstock.  I read through the reviews before purchasing and most of them were great.  The only complaint I read was that it got too heavy.  This didn’t phase me too much as I felt our diaper bag at the time got heavy as well.  Babies and toddlers have a lot of stuff!  The more you put in, the more it weighs.  Simple math.  It also comes with a changing pad, a zipper pouch, a small leather clutch bag, and a bottle insulating pouch all for a really reasonable price at $68.99.  Since we just had a new baby and I knew I would likely be carrying it around for at least another 4 years, I figured the price was well worth it.  I have been using if for about two months now and I am extremely impressed.

DSC_1060tote diaper bag | similar | straw hat (similar)

The exterior is a nice quality and cleans easily.  It is a faux leather and I have already spilled milk and poop (no disguises here) on it and it was very easy to wipe clean.  I have even sprayed a tiny bit of antibacterial cleaner on it and it has not stained or altered the integrity of the bag in any way.  The strap details add something extra to give it some style.  There are two zipper pockets on the outside that are small but large enough for me to throw my keys, chapstick, lotion, and hand sanitizer in.  I wish one of these was large enough to fit my iphone but the pocket is just slightly too small.  There is a zipper closure which is so nice for moms.  I can’t tell you how many times I have lost things from flying out the top of a bag that doesn’t close securely.  Am I right, moms?  Putting three kids and groceries in a vehicle is enough work.  We don’t need our diaper bags to be causing problems as well.

DSC_0002tote diaper bag | similar

On the inside, there is a zipper pocket, two elasticized bottle pockets and two other open side pockets.  I love that it came with a zipper pouch and changing pad.  I stick the wipes, diapers, changing pad, and even pull-ups for our two year old in there.  It is convenient to just grab that bag to change a diaper as opposed to taking the whole thing if you don’t need to.  Plus, then my husband doesn’t have to carry around a bag that looks like a purse when he is on diaper duty.  (Although he loves me enough and would carry it if he had to.  In fact, he has.  What a good guy.)  The only other complaint besides the outside pockets not being big enough for my phone is the color of the interior lining.  I’m not sure why they chose red.  It seems like an odd color.  This could be the one thing that gives it a cheaper appearance but thankfully, it’s on the inside.  It is a wipeable lining which is nice.  A pretty blue and white ticking stripe would have been much cuter.  It also would have been brighter to make it easier to see things inside.

With that being said, I really do love this bag.  It looks like a purse, functions like a diaper bag, and is well made.  I’m impressed and would recommend it.  Unfortunately, though, it is currently out of stock.  I will definitely let you know if and when it comes back in stock.  In the meantime, I have compiled some of my favorite chic diaper bags that are also affordable.  If you’re expecting a baby, are in the market for a new diaper bag, just want to treat yourself to one, or are looking for a good gift for a new mom, these are great options.

diaper bag roundup               camel tote | green tote | chocolate tote | black tote | blush backpack                  navy backpack | striped bag | gray backpack | gray messenger bag | black backpack

I am in awe of the selection of styles and colors available for diaper bags now.  I love that backpack options are becoming more available as it makes sense that one would want to be hands free when it comes to carrying their bag.  That striped bag is only $49.99 and adorable.  The bottom three are good options for daddy too.  The forest green option is from an awesome Etsy shop called BagyBags that has many other stylish bags as well. (See this one and this one.)

What do you think about the idea of a chic diaper bag?  I think anything we can do to make ourselves feel like we’re doing something for us as well as our kids is a good thing.  Having a cute bag makes me feel put together even when I clearly am not.  It’s just one less thing to worry about and one more thing to make us feel good.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Let me know below which one is your favorite.

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